H-Series P-16 Self Propelled Grape Harvester

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With the combined experience designing and manufacturing the H-Series Tow grape harvester and the Colossus olive harvester, it was only a natural progression that the next step for Leda was to build a self-propelled grape harvester, and with that the H-Series P16 was born.

Featuring a Caterpillar 4.4l 4 cylinder engine, quality Bosch Rexroth hydraulic system and custom electronics with full cabin controls the P16 is designed with ease of use and maintenance in mind.

Safety for the user is of utmost importance with full perimeter hand rails and access ladders to make accessing all parts of the machine safe for cleaning and servicing.

The Next Generation MKIV picking head makes harvesting quiet and smooth, with full cabin controls over the picking head and adjustable height to be able to suit almost any trellis.

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