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From conception through to completion, Leda Custom can design and manufacture anything to suit your needs.

One of Leda’s strengths is our supplier relationships; we have very close relationships with hydraulic, electrical and steel suppliers. So when it comes to getting products, technical specifications or specific technical advice we have people in the know at our fingertips.
Leda have an in-house drafting department that can design, from the ground up, what you need to get the job done with all large projects designed in a 3D CAD environment before manufacture, so we can iron out any kinks and refine the design before the first piece of steel is cut. We also have complete PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) design capabilities, which means we can produce a completely custom control program to suit each machine and incorporate the joysticks, buttons and other control systems that are required. This includes the ability to design the screen layouts and joystick functionality for operator ease.
With our qualified and experienced welders, CNC machinists and hydraulics specialists we have the ability to complete all facets of the manufacturing process from start to finish.

Recently Leda have completed modifications to the Colossus Olive Harvester (manufactured by Leda also) to make it suitable for harvesting oranges.

A lot of changes needed to be made, including redesigning the buckets to be large enough to accommodate oranges, instead of the olives it is used to. The conveyor also had to be redesigned to discharge the fruit from the rear of the machine instead of the usual side discharge system used and adjustments to the cleaning system to prevent the larger leaves and sticks from the orange trees getting stuck and obstructing the system.

Even with the challenges of significant modifications, Leda were able to complete the task and the Colossus has been successful during its first orange harvest.